Customer Questions - "Can I connect your turntables to my Bluetooth speaker?"

Yvette asks, 

"I would like to buy one of your record players but I really have no idea about them. I really want to be able to just take it out of a box and play a record, and I need it to be Bluetooth enabled, as I already have a speaker (a Samsung DA-E750). Does that mean there will be something attached to the record player that I have to attach myself? And is there anything else that I need to buy?"

Thanks for the question, Yvette!

None of the Pro-Ject turntables come with an in-built Bluetooth sender, so the first thing to do here is to ensure that when selecting your turntable on our 'turntable builder' page, you also select the "I have a Bluetooth speaker" option a little further down the page.

Along with your turntable, you'll receive a little black box called a Phono Box E BT, which serves two functions; it's both a phono stage (what the Dickens is a phono stage? You can read all about them over here!) and a Bluetooth sender.

It's quite a small box and doesn't take up too much space, however it does also need to be connected to power (it comes with a power supply included), along with the turntable. You connect the turntable to this box (with a supplied cable), and then the box transmits the signal to your Bluetooth speaker. 

You'll also need to check the instructions that come with your speaker to ensure that it's in 'pairing' mode when trying to connect the Phono Box E BT for the first time, and it's best to also make sure other devices (such as your phone) have their Bluetooth switched off while doing this.

Other than that, you just need to ensure the turntable is set up properly (which we can also help you with) and you're ready to go - simple! 

June 30, 2021 — Guy Barker