Pro-Ject: made with love

When you shop with us here at Instant Classic, you won't see a crazy amount of choices and brands. Instead, we've deliberately chosen the best options for anyone who doesn't want to spend a whole wad of cash on a single component.  This means that when it comes to turntables, we're offering a range of different models - all of which are less than $1000 - from just a single brand: Pro-Ject, . We believe that Pro-Ject has the perfect turntable to fit just about every customer and every price point, with a quality and reputation that means you can be confident that you're buying the best. And while we're happy to tell you about the alternatives, we truly believe that once you read more about Pro-Ject, you'll come to the same realisation that we had; when shopping for a turntable, you needn't look any further!

Pro-Ject was first founded in 1991, during the onslaught of the compact disc and CD players, with the mission to offer the best analogue experience for reasonable prices. In a time where the digital audio media had been on the rise, and vinyl was declared as outdated and dead, CEO Heinz Lichtenegger kept his belief in the simple but best way to enjoy music – turntables.

"Our aim is to get as many people as possible into the wonderful hobby that is hi-fi audio and to deliver a real stereo experience for the lowest cost possible. The best way to start there is with a proper turntable. We want to give customers back the right to choose what they need, without overloading our products with unnecessary features." - Heinz Lichtenegger

 A wooden turntable chassis improves your sound and the environment


Pro-Ject makes a point of using as many natural materials as possible in its products. This serves the dual purpose of creating a product that sounds better (the use of wood over plastic is much better for damping unwanted vibrations), as well as having an overall less harmful effect on the environment. 

Each Pro-Ject Audio turntable is also hand-made in their own factory in Litovel, Czechia, with the company engineering almost all of its components, right down to the screws.

The insides of a turntable motor - so that's what it looks like!


All Pro-Ject Audio components come with a 2 year Australian manufacturer's warranty, honoured by us as an authorised retailer for the brand. That'll protect you against things like unexpected defects and breakdowns.

We don't expect you to believe everything we say though. Look up reviews and ask your friends. Pro-Ject garner amazing reviews just about everywhere you look, and for good reason. Whether you're after a simple "plug and play" deck, a high end award winner or other quality hi-fi components, you'll keep coming across one name - Pro-Ject.

June 12, 2021 — Guy Barker