We've compiled real feedback from our customers, and not all of them about straightforward orders. Read about stuff like personal circumstances changing and needing to return a system, or realising a turntable with different functionality was required.

@shaantix from Byron Bay

"I bought this whole set up (turntable, amplifier and speakers) from @instantclassic.aunz. This is not a sponsored post at all! I spent quite a bit of my own moneys on this as it's been something I've been wanting for years...

I just wanted to share this because their customer service was incredible, even FaceTimed me to help out! So big shoutout. In case anyone else is in the market for some of this gear, I highly recommend."

Nezzia from Torquay

"First and foremost, I'm very impressed by the customer service, and feel very well looked after, even long after my purchase. I honestly can’t recommend them enough. I know that gears could add up and get a little pricy, especially if you’re only starting up like me, but you are at the right place!

Instant Classic offers quality which I'd say is definitely worthwhile. Hit them up with any inquiries you have and you’ll understand what I am talking about."

Josh from Sydney

"I was looking to dust off the record collection and stumbled across Instant Classic one afternoon.

From the outset, the service provided has been second to none. Angus is knowledgable, helpful and made everything simple.

My whole setup arrived within a day and my vinyl has never sounded better."

Damien from Melbourne

"When there was an issue with my stylus and cartridge, I reached into to the team and they replied back straight away with what the problem was and how I could fix it.

They have not only the knowledge and the products to get you going, but the drive and passion for record collecting and sharing music that you want in an authentic small business."

Chryssie from Melbourne

"I stumbled across Instant Classic. Drawn to their turntable stereo system subscription, it was the simplest, most cost-effective and impressive way to get set up and start playing some sweet tunes.

The sound quality is beyond what I expected, the warm crackle of the record is literally music to my ears every time it plays, and the record player stays on pretty much all of my waking hours."

Daniel from Canberra

"Thanks Instant Classic team for your practical technical advice while I was researching which turntable to purchase.

It made my purchase all the more easy with great service, delivery and now I have the ProJect Essential III Recordmaster spinning my old vinyl.

Set up was easy and the sound is just what I hoped for. And a big bonus, my kids love listening to my albums too."

Lyn from Melbourne

"Recently I purchased a turntable from Instant Classic for my 18 year old daughter.

The turntable was easy to set up, looks fantastic and provides great entertainment.

Instant Classic provided terrific customer service and a product that was perfect for my daughter.

Thanks - the house is rockin’!!"

Rupert from Sydney

"Instant Classic are a rare example of beautiful, well-curated products, stellar service, and lots of heart.

They helped me find the perfect turntable over WhatsApp, and worked with me to iron out a few technical issues (suffice to say, if hypothetically you vacuum up a vital component of your record player, you will be well looked after).

I can't recommend buying from these folks enough."

Leila from Sydney

"I wanted to thank you for all your help in choosing the right system and support in setting it up. Thank you for your patience in spending 40 mins with me on the phone on a Friday night so I could use my new turntable all weekend.

As I’ve mentioned, I am an absolute vinyl novice, but having spent the past 5 days listening to my small collection I will never turn back! I was also incredibly impressed with the speakers and glad I got the Bluetooth addition."

Monty from Rockhampton

"When I found “Instant Classic”, there were a number of things that stood out to me. Firstly, the opportunity to purchase a complete system was a big plus. It took the pain out of buying the individual components and hoping I was making the right decision.

With regards to the system, I could not be happier. It is everything that my previous one was not. My records sound fantastic. I’m hearing elements that I have never heard before."

Narbeh from Sydney

"While I am fully immersed in my vinyl collection, the Pro-Ject Bluetooth receiver has been a revelation. So nice to just change a channel in the amp and play my digital catalogue. I have barely watched TV in the last two weeks...

The guide from Gabi was key. I knew I was making a purchase with IC after reading the product page.

A very happy customer now spending weekends at record shops :)"

Tom from Newcastle

"I would highly recommend Instant Classic as a go to for your sound system & vinyl needs.

I felt a high level of trust & confidence for a newbie to the world of Vinyl and the customer service was excellent. I was getting help at 10pm on a Friday night! Can't beat that.

Thanks to Sam at Instant classic for sorting me out. The sound system is exactly what I was looking for. 11/10"

Chloe from Sydney

"Absolutely loving the new Pro-Ject record player. I bought it for my roommate for her birthday and she absolutely loves it! It sounds amazing and looks great! Would highly recommend.

Also the service has been spot on, the team helped me through the whole process start to finish to make sure I had all the necessary components. Couldn’t be happier!"