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You don't need to set eyes on Pro-Ject Primary E turntable to know it has a lot going for it." - What Hi-Fi

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Howdy! I'm based in Wollongong for the Instant Classic team.

This write-up is designed to take the confusion out of your turntable hunt, so I'll be as straightforward as I can.

Let's get stuck into Pro-Ject's Primary E turntable.

Hi from Gabi

Here's the Primary E in some shots I took at home. Nice and elegant to look at, right?

I'd recommend it to anyone who's on a budget but wants to stay away from plastic-fantastic turntables. The build and sound quality for this price are incredible.

Precise tolerances make the platter spin evenly and at the correct speed. A solid base and shock-absorbing feet ensure unwanted vibrations don't make their way into your signal.

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Think of the Primary E as the lowest priced 'proper' deck you can buy.

It's hand-made in Czechia by Pro-Ject, the world's biggest and most trusted hifi turntable brand.

Specs & dimensions +

From Rupert, one of our customers in Sydney:

"Instant Classic are a rare example of beautiful, well-curated products, stellar service, and lots of heart."

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Happy campers

Beautiful returns

I reckon we've got Australia's best returns policy.

If you don't love your turntable, we'll take it back within the first 50 days. You'll get a full refund even if it's been used.

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What if it were possible to buy new electronics goods while being nice to the planet?

The carbon and plastic footprints of your products will be offset by Instant Classic, at no extra cost. We call it Vinyl Neutral.

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Vinyl Neutral


I'll also show you some alternatives to think about.

The Pro-Ject T1 is a good upgrade for not much extra dosh, with improved materials, a glass platter, a hidden drive belt and electronic speed control.

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With the Essential III, we get into the realm of 'serious' turntables.

The big change is the MDF construction and decoupled feet. This is to insulate your deck from outside interference.

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Essential III

Debut Carbon Evo

I'm going to be blunt: if you can afford the Evo, you just have to get it.

It combines everything Pro-Ject's learnt about turntable design, and the advanced features achieve a phenomenal sound.

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All orders over $100 ship for free across Australia. Most arrive within 2 working days, even during the ol' COVID-19.

Or you can pick up from one of our partner record stores across major cities.

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Fast and free

Legendary support

One of the reasons we started IC is was to do away with bad customer service. We're not some big business who doesn't care.

As an authorised Australian retailer, we'll give you a 2 year warranty. But you also get lifetime love.

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Contact our Melbourne team about anything, 7 days a week. No question is too silly.

WhatsApp +61 3 9426 3651 for a fast reply, and you can also call us on that number. Or email us.

Good chat

Turntable university

What's a good turntable all about? My test is whether it gives me goosebumps and has me tapping my toes. The challenge is finding one for a good price.

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We've got a range of records on hand, from ABBA to Anna Calvi, from BB King to Beastie Boys, from Clairo to Cream. Our Angus has done write-ups on them all.

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