We've hand-picked a range of quality record players for all budgets, colour desires and feature requirements.

Our brand of choice is Pro-Ject Audio from Austria, the experts in turntable design and makers of some of the most popular models of all time.

While the Primary E is priced as a budget turntable, its performance is anything but.

A solid base, Ortofon cartridge and precisely machined tonearm will let you hear your records more accurately than ever.

Starting at $359 →

The T1 SB is a good upgrade from the Primary E for not much extra dosh, with improved materials, a glass platter, a hidden drive belt and electronic speed control.

Starting at $494 →

With the Essential III, we get into the realm of 'serious' turntables.

The big deal here is the MDF construction and decoupled feet. This is to insulate your deck from outside interference.

Starting at $593 →

If you can afford the Evo, you just have to get it.

It combines everything Pro-Ject's learnt about turntable design, and the advanced features achieve a phenomenal sound.

Starting at $845 →

When you look at our turntable models, you'll see they can be customised to suit any existing audio set-up. We've built our own nifty configurator to do this.

Bluetooth speakers, Sonos, traditional hifi systems, desktop computer audio - we'll help you connect a new turntable to any of them!

Looking for a turntable, but also don't have an amplifier and speakers to plug it into?

You'll want a full sound system then. We've got you covered with the best solutions in Australia.

Starting at $999 →