Australia's nicest returns policy
Get a refund or change your turntable configuration, even if it's used!

Free delivery Australia-wide
Usually within 3 working days - and if it doesn't arrive in 5, ask us for a $20 voucher

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Email a reminder about your selected configuration (or send a hint to someone!). We'll keep in touch with product updates too.

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Your 30 day trial

We allow refunds for any reason within 30 days, even after you've used the turntable. Return policies that expect things to come back 'as new' kinda suck, right?

If you decide you don't like it after having a play, we'll arrange for a free return postage slip so you can drop it off at the post office. No printer required - just show your phone with the barcode we send to you.

Once we receive it, you'll get a full refund, and we'll find another home for it as a second hand item.

Just make sure you keep all of your packaging in case you do want to request a return; the products can't travel safely without it.

One-on-one help anytime

Our products are pretty easy to get going on your own, but we'll always be on hand to chat (even via video) if you want some extra help when your order arrives. We've done this with a bunch of customers and it's always nice to put a face to the name!

Think of us more as buddies here to help with your audio. Whether it be on WhatsApp, livechat, mobile or email - whatever suits.

You'll talk directly to one of our team in Australia. No lousy bots or queues, and you'll usually hear back within an hour during opening hours.

2 year warranty & lifetime love

Each turntable (and any bundled phono stage or Bluetooth product) comes with a 2 year Australian manufacturer's warranty, honoured by us as an authorised retailer. That'll protect you against unexpected defects and breakdowns (not caused by physical damage).

If anything happens, just get in touch and we'll get it sorted. Faults are pretty uncommon thanks to the quality of our products, but if something does play up, we want you back up and running!

Realistically though, that kind of warranty is par for the course these days. What's more important is the support you get from your retailer for set-up help, troubleshooting and just general advice as you go.

That's where I like to think we excel. We're here to help you for the lifetime of your product, any day of the week and for any question.

Free shipping or pick-up

No matter where you are in Australia, we'll send your turntable to you registered and insured with no freight cost.

We ship from Melbourne via Australia Post, and most orders are getting to Australian capital cities in 2-3 working days for everywhere except WA and regional areas (which are more like 5-7 days).

Things are still unpredictable though, so we can't give any guarantees unfortunately.

Alternatively, when you go through checkout, you'll see an option to get your product delivered to one of our partner record stores in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast or Perth.

A convenient way to pick up your new gear, and a great chance to visit a local record store. New cities will be added over time.

Plastic packaging neutral

We're really conscious about the footprint of our supply chain at Instant Classic, and are constantly working on ways to shrink it. The nature of the products we choose certainly helps, as do operational considerations like efficient shipping and waste minimisation.

While our products use a small amount of plastic compared to some of the more crude and disposable audio products out there, the packaging still contains plastics and foams for protection during freight.

We're always bugging our suppliers about transitioning to more environmentally-friendly materials, but in the meantime, we're doing what we can ourselves by buying plastic offsets for every product we sell. Find out more about the program →.

Happy campers

Chloe from Sydney got the Primary E with Bluetooth in July 2020. "I bought it for my roommate for her birthday and she absolutely loves it!"

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"Absolutely loving the new Pro-Ject record player. I bought it for my roommate for her birthday and she absolutely loves it! It sounds amazing and looks great! Would highly recommend.

Also the service has been spot on, the team helped me through the whole process start to finish to make sure I had all the necessary components. Couldn’t be happier!"

Rupert from Sydney got the Essential III with phono stage in June 2020. "Instant Classic are a rare example of beautiful, well-curated products, stellar service, and lots of heart."

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"Instant Classic are a rare example of beautiful, well-curated products, stellar service, and lots of heart.

They helped me find the perfect turntable over WhatsApp, and worked with me to iron out a few technical issues (suffice to say, if hypothetically you vacuum up a vital component of your record player, you will be well looked after).

I can't recommend buying from these folks enough."

Daniel from Canberra got the Essential III with phono stage in June 2020. "... And a big bonus, my kids love listening to my albums too."

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"Thanks Instant Classic team for your practical technical advice while I was researching which turntable to purchase.

It made my purchase all the more easy with great service, delivery and now I have the ProJect Essential III Recordmaster spinning my old vinyl.

Set up was easy and the sound is just what I hoped for. And a big bonus, my kids love listening to my albums too."

Gabi's accessory picks

Unlimited 2 year cover against accidental damage to your system. Think broken styli, red wine spills or poked-in speaker cones. If an accident happens, we'll repair or replace!

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Dust is the enemy of vinyl - it diminishes sound and speeds up stylus wear. The Brush It and Clean It included in this kit are the minimum we recommend for keeping your system clean.

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Keeping your components on the same surface? To avoid feedback transferring from the speakers to the turntable, get a set of these for each speaker to insulate the turntable from unwanted noises.

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Furniture and acoustics

This beautiful Melbourne-made vinyl holder is freestanding, holds up to 20 standard LPs and will fit seamlessly into your home audio setup.

Sold out

Mount your speakers at the right listening height and keep them separate from the surface your turntable is on. This is the ultimate isolation from noise interference.

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This translucent platter goes on the Primary E turntable and does a wondrous job of improving your system's look as well as the acoustics of your vinyl.

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Popular extras

Some of us still have CDs kicking about. This quality player from Rotel will reveal every bit of your old collection. It matches the A10 amp design-wise and will plug straight into it.

Sold out

Gets rid of the dirt trapped in the grooves of records that dry brushes just can't get to. Very popular and essential for people with big collections.

Sold out

Speaker cable is a cheeky tweak to improve sound without spending mega bucks. This quality upgrade doubles the length of our standard issue cable and will add some sparkle to your tunes.

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